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Personalized Services

L'Échevelée is proud to serve both major cinema productions and personal hair projects with a smaller budget. We adapt to the constraints of different scenarios, such as your life, your needs and your reality.

In the tranquility of our workshop, we welcome you to discuss your situation, whether it follows hair loss due to total or partial alopecia, or medical treatment. We take the time to listen, we make proposals, you make your choice and we adapt. L’Échevelée has a wide range of products that will suit your needs.



Some of the women we have been fortunate to help have generously agreed to share their experience with L'Échevelée.

“Thank you for contributing to my ease and my esteem, I appreciate it. "

Mélanie M.

" ​​​ A transition without trauma or drama. "

“Upon hearing the verdict, I was seized with great dizziness. For me, chemotherapy meant losing all my bearings. From an independent, stylish woman, a little grunge at times, I was going to become this woman who struggles, without a safety net, totally vulnerable. Before that moment, I never realized how much I had associated my hairstyle with my identity


I chose to go see Denis without knowing what to expect. I was greeted with delicacy, warmth and light. He was able to take the time to help me come to terms with what was going to happen to me. We have chosen the best way for me to do it. For my needs. For my personal fears. I needed to be able to keep doing what I love without having to worry about the look of others. So we chose a wig so realistic that even my loved ones couldn't tell the difference. A transition without trauma or drama. And all of these details are, in my opinion, an integral part of the healing. A fundamental difference. In this, I will be forever grateful to Denis."

Anonymous testimony

Denis Parent has also received the medal of the Order of Merit of the city of Brossard, the city he lives in. This tribute  recognizes his support for women struggling with hair problems.

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