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Wigs for stage, screen and life.

House and workshop for the design and production of custom wigs and hair prostheses for sale and rental, L'Échevelée serves film, television, and advertising industries, as well as the performing arts and all those wishing to receive personalized hair advice and support. In addition, L'Échevelée distributes specialized hairdressing products, most of which are difficult to find on the Québec market.

Being from Québec, Canada and other countries, production companies trust the quality of our work and our expertise. As such, l'Échevelée has been rewarded many times for its contribution to Québec productions.

" ​​​A transition without trauma or drama." ​​​

L'Échevelée works as much on major film productions as on personal hair projects with a smaller budget. Our expertise allows us to support you in hair loss situations, by listening to your needs and offering solutions tailored to you.



I have been working with Denis Parent for about twenty years, and subsequently with L'Échevelée. I called on Denis' services as an actor and as a director. I always come back! For creativity, audacity, enthusiasm and professionalism. Denis is a remarkable creator. He finds a way to create heads that meet both the needs of the work, the vision of the production and that of the actor or actress. It constitutes a precious element of the Quebec cinematographic landscape.  


  Luc Picard

  Actor, director, screenwriter and author

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