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About Us

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Our mission

With our expertise, talent, experience, and knowledge in the field of wigs and hairdressing, we simplify and facilitate the use of wigs for both those who wear them and those who install them.

We collaborate with production companies to facilitate the creation of characters by providing quality wigs perfectly suited to the needs and comfort of the wearer.

We are constantly on the lookout for brand new specialty products from around the world to do the job of movie hairdressers easier.

We actively contribute to the success of Quebec film and television productions by making actors shine in the eyes of the public.

Who we are


Denis parent

President, designer, wig maker, hairdresser, stylist

For many years a hairdresser in salons, Denis Parent hair styled for professionals in the cinema, television, fashion, performing arts, and more recently for clients looking for hair solutions to overcome the problem of alopecia or medical treatment.  

Wigs and hair prostheses have always fascinated him. With dexterity, he revisits the fashion pageantry he uses to create looks. To his credit, a long list of achievements of which he is proud, among those which have earned him the recognition of his peers then as head hairdresser cinema or now exclusively as a designer with the Bye Bye team: the Willy television series (2000) and Musée Éden (2010), the biographical film Gerry (2012), as well as the Bye Bye 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020

His research, his experiences and his training in wig making taught him how to handle, transform and work wigs which he was able to use throughout his career. L'Échevelée's new service offer will allow him, in collaboration with its team and the unwavering support of his partner in this adventure, Ann Louise Landry, to produce hair prostheses in order to meet the aspirations of his clients, and even exceed them.


Ann Louise Landry

Executive Director,  wigmaker, hairdresser, character designer

Graduated at the age of 17 after two years of specialized studies in hairdressing and an internship at L’Oréal in Paris, Ann Louise Landry worked in a salon for twelve wonderful years to enhance the beauty of women and men.

In 1999, she oriented her career towards an unsuspected passion so far: hairdressing on film sets. Alongside masters and inspiring designers, she learned the particularities of this artistic practice.

The search for different eras’ styles, the transformation of the actor according to his character, aging and rejuvenation according to the needs of the scenario… Knowing how to handle and apply with refinement wigs, extensions and other pieces of human hair designed expressly for the big screen … Finding solutions to each new challenge, she had found her way! To this day, her passion for the profession continues to grow.

Along with her career on the set, owning L'Echevelée with Denis Parent, with whom she has worked for nearly 30 years, allows her to perpetuate the continuity of the art of wigs. For her, it is the ideal complement to her job as a hairstyle designer in cinema.

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