My career began as a humble hairdresser in a salon. It was soon after with Quebecois director Gilles Carle that I had my first experience on a film set. Since then, opportunities have become plentiful and diverse with respect to styling actors in Quebec.

Since the very beginning of my career I have been experimenting with and promoting style and the creation of ‘looks’ with my keen eye for fashion. I have always considered wigs and hair pieces as inspiring accessories. I have had the chance to use them as much on stage as I have in films, in operas, in theatre, in television and now recently in works using 3D and high definition technology.  


I am extremely proud of the long list of opportunities I have participated in thus far. I will limit myself to works which have had recognition of my peers, to name a few: Willy (TV series – 2000), Musée Éden (TV series – 2010) and Gerry (Film – 2012).


My passion for hairstyling which embraces all its forms, styles from all eras and the creation of characters has always proved to be the most distinct aspects of my career. And for those who know me, this portrayal is but the tip of the iceberg. My greatest professional impulse is to transform the actor into a character incarnated and immersed within the artistic vision desired.


My research, experiences and training in wig making have taught me to manipulate, transform and work with wigs that I was able to use during my career. My leap into this new and exciting l'Échevellée's offer of services will allow me, along with my team and a constant support of my partner in this adventure, Ann Louise Landry, to produce hairpieces, wigs and specialized facial hair in order to respond to, and even to surpass, the need and aspirations of those who shape an artist’s transformation. 

Since the age of five, my dream was to become a hairdresser.

To pursue my dreams, I studied hairdressing for two years and completed specialized training. I graduated from my training at 17 with recognition from my teachers and peers for high academic achievement. This allowed me to participate in the “Grand concours des Finissants en coiffure du Quebec (1985)” – a nationally recognized hairdressing show and competition. Having won first place in this event, I was given the opportunity to complete a 2 week internship with world-renowned hairdressers at the prestigious Maison l’Oreal in Paris, France.


This inspiring experience was followed by 12 wonderful years of my career in a salon where I created modern and personalized styles to enhance the looks of both men and women. Then in 1999, following a 3 year stay in Switzerland, I chose to orient my career toward a new and exciting aspect: hairdressing on film sets.


Alongside inspiring masters of the profession, I was able to pick up various techniques of the trade. I enjoy researching styles of different eras, transforming the actor into a vivid character, aging him, making him younger, all according to the scenario at hand… I was also taught to precisely shape wigs, extensions and other hair pieces meant to appear on actors of both the big and silver screens. Looking for a new challenge at every turn, this is my calling!

In parallel to my career on film sets, taking over l’Échelevée’s project with Denis, who I have known for over 20 years, is the ideal new avenue in my career.



Under the direction of Denis Parent and Ann Louise Landry

Creation and production of exclusive hair products